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Welcome to Grandma Judy's Creations

Welcome to Grandma Judy's Creations

Hello! I am Grandma Judy, and I would like to tell you a bit about myself.

I have been sewing for over 50 years.  WOW ! that sound like a long time.!,

Well it is.

I started sewing when I was a young teen. My mother bought a sewing machine, but she didn’t know how to sew! She told me to sit down and figure out how it worked, and then I could teach her. I sat down and started to play with it, for me it was a toy! It didn’t take long before I was getting  good at it. A couple years later I was able to take homemaking in school, and they had sewing. That is where I found out all the things I was doing wrong.

I was not disillusioned, I just got better.

I was married at a very early age and made good use of my skills. I made all the cloths for myself and my three kids.

At Christmas, money was short and material was cheep, so I made presents for the entire family.

About seven years ago my daughter asked if I could make her an outfit for the Renaissance Fair. I purchased a pattern, and that is where it began. Word of mouth, and people who saw her outfit, asked if I could make them one.

For six years now I have been selling my outfits on E-Bay. I have been very successful there, and decided it was time to get on the WEB.

So here I am, ready willing and able to sew your dream Renaissance costume.

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