Renaissance Chemises And Nightgowns

Complete your Medieval maiden costume with an authentic Medieval chemise

During the Renaissance undergarments were worn to protect expensive outer garments from perspiration and oils, since they were much easier to wash than the outerwear of the time. An authentic Renaissance chemise completes not only the look of a truly authentic Renaissance costume, but makes for a more historically accurate experience for the wearer. 

The chemise was also worn as a kind of Renaissance nightgown, and many theatergoers may be familiar with the look of a chemise nightgown as many a play's heroine has worn one as she trod fearfully through a dark castle by candlelight. The Medieval chemise is an essential article of wardrobe for the costume department of any theater company. 

My chemises are cut very full, and are available with a variety of different sleeve styles. Drawstrings at the neck and arm secure the chemise, and can be provided in matching or contrasting colors. Most of my chemises are made in polyester, but muslin, satin, taffeta, and cotton chemises are also available. Chemises are most commonly made in white, but can be made in any color, depending on fabric. 

Complete the look and experience of authentic Medieval clothing with a chemise from Grandma Judy's Creations. 

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