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Hennin Cone-shaped Headdress

Hennin Cone-shaped Headdress

Hennin Cone-shaped Headdress
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Renaissance high fashion is achieved with Hennin Cone-shaped Medieval Headdress. Light weight but striking, this headdress adds a true touch of class, Medieval style.

The Cone Shaped Medieval Headdress pictured is made of three layers, a lining, a stiff interior and an outer cloth cover, there are small tabs sewn to the inside so the cone can be pinned down, if needed. The outer cloth on this one is a gold velvet with fine stitching, the veil is a sheer netting. A solid color Cone Headdress will go with any color Renaissance gown or outfit.

This headdress is 14” tall from the head to the top, the drape is 30” long.

My medieval headdresses are hand made, therefor, you decide the color, material and design. The height of the cone can be as short as 7” or as tall as 30”, which ever you like.
Perhaps you are looking for a Wizard Hat, remove the veil, color purple and adorn with moon and stars, and you have it!

Because you are the designer of your Hennin Cone-shaped Medieval Headdress,
it will be a “One of a Kind”, Hand made by Grandma Judy.

In the “Special Instructions” section of the order form, indicate the color choice, material choice, and head size if larger or smaller than regular.

I will contact you by phone or e-mail before making the headdress to make sure it is as you wish.
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