Renaissance Corsets and Separates

Renaissance Corsets, Peasant Blouses, & Peasant Skirts

Create your own unique Renaissance Costume with authentic
Renaissance clothing separates

If you are trying to create a one-of-a-kind Renaissance outfit, choosing the shirt, skirt and bodice separately will allow you the most flexibility. A unique peasant outfit can be made from pairing one of our peasant skirts with one of our peasant blouses, and adding one of our Renaissance bodices. This is the basic foundation for the Medieval maiden costume, but the possiblities are endless. 

Renaissance corsets can be made in a great variety of colors and fabrics, and are versatile articles of clothing that can be worn with a skirt and blouse, skirt alone, or even with jeans when you aren't in your maiden costume. Renaissance bodices can be made in plus size, as can the other elements for plus size Renaissance costumes, and these plus size corsets have additional areas for size adjustment at the sides. All of my Medieval corsets are made to fit from your measurements, and are fully reversible. Waist corsets are also available as a lighter type of peasant bodice. A waist corset, or waist cinch, pairs nicely with a peasant apron to complete your Renaissance peasant girl costume.

Create your own original Renaissance woman costume with Renaissance apparel separates from Grandma Judy's Creations.

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Bust To Hip Waist CinchBust To Hip Waist Cinch
Child's Blue CinchChild's Blue Cinch
Decorated Peasant ApronDecorated Peasant Apron
Lady Pirate Drop Shoulder ShirtLady Pirate Drop Shoulder Shirt
Leather Look Corset #005Leather Look Corset #005
Medieval Waist CinchMedieval Waist Cinch
Peasant blousePeasant blouse
Peasant skirt 001Peasant skirt 001
Peasant skirt 002Peasant skirt 002
Peasant Skirt 003Peasant Skirt 003
Peasant Skirt 004Peasant Skirt 004
Peasant Skirt 006Peasant Skirt 006
Plain Peasant ApronPlain Peasant Apron
Plus Size Corset #006Plus Size Corset #006
Plush Giraffe Print Corset #004Plush Giraffe Print Corset #004
Renaissance Floral Corset #002Renaissance Floral Corset #002
Renaissance Plush Burgandy Corset #003Renaissance Plush Burgandy Corset #003
Tan Plush Corset  #001Tan Plush Corset #001
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