Three Piece Renaissance Outfits

Authentic Renaissance Clothing for Women

Three piece Renaissance outfits for peasants, maidens,
and pirate wenches

The three-piece Renaissance and medieval outfits I make are designed after the archetype of the humble medieval maiden costume. This peasant outfit is much less glamorous than the regal gowns of a Duchess or Princess, but is the outfit of humble fair maidens like Snow White, and Cinderella. This type of Renaissance style dress is also the outfit of the woman not afraid to take up the sword and do a bit of swashbuckling herself. 

From humble peasant costumes, to bold pirate wench costumes, all of my three-piece outfits consist of peasant blouses, peasant skirts, and bodices, corsets, or waist cinches. Peasant costumes can be created by combining each of these elements to achieve the desired look. So whether you need a tavern wench costume for an upcoming play, or a Scottish lass costume to attend Highland games, you can create the perfect outfit to help you step into character. 

Create your character with three-piece Renaissance outfits from
Grandma Judy's Creations. 

As you look through the photos you can chose your own look.
Start with a blouse.
1. Decide if you want long, short, or mid length sleeves. What color blouse?
2. Do you want draw strings at the wrist, elbow, or no draw strings at all?
3. Do you want fitted sleeves, or full?
4. What color draw strings do you want?

Now think of the skirt:
1. What color do you want?
2. Solid color, print, or plaid?

Next on to the accent piece.
1. Do you want a corset?
2. What color?
3. Solid, or multi color print to compliment the color of the skirt?
4. Would you rather have a waist cinch?
5. What color?
6. Solid or print to compliment your skirt?

Now you are ready to create your Renaissance look. Pick the outfit that most closely fits your idea.
You like Bella but you want the blouse from Dolly and the corset from Fran. Do the Following:
Order Bella, in the “special instructions”, on the order form write:
Skirt blue, Dolly’s blouse in white, Fran’s corset in dark blue print, ribcage size 34 inches.

I will contact you via E-Mail or telephone, to finalize your choices.

Grandma Judy's Creations makes Renaissance outfits and Renaissance clothing for women. Find peasant blouses, medieval outfits, and pirate wench costumes.
Lady Pirate GreenLady Pirate Green
Lady Pirate RedLady Pirate Red
Renaissance BellaRenaissance Bella
Renaissance BettyRenaissance Betty
Renaissance BobbyRenaissance Bobby
Renaissance DollyRenaissance Dolly
Renaissance FranRenaissance Fran
Renaissance JaneRenaissance Jane
Scottish LassScottish Lass
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